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So you have decided you want to buy an English Bull Terrier puppy or adult.  Are you sure a Bull Terrier is the dog for you.

Firstly an English Bull Terrier is from the Terrier Group of dogs.  All Terriers are full of fire, courageous and afraid of nothing. A Bull Terrier is amendable to discipline and often obstinate, but he is particularly good with people and loves human company.


If you are looking for a breed of dog to sit in the back yard and amuse itself, or a dog for guarding your property or home, then a Bull Terrier is not for you. Because they like human company so much they get bored if left in the yard alone and become destructive, and as far as a guard dog, they are happy for anyone to come into your home and take what they want, as long as they can go with the intruder also.


Before you start enquiries about buying a Bull Terrier, there are a few things that you need to know and do.  Remember a pet is a life time commitment and it relies on you for its well being.


1.        You need fully secure fences and gates so no dog can get out or get in.


2.       If your dog is going to sleep outside, you need a well covered area with plenty of shade in summer and warm bedding in winter (Bull Terriers hate being cold) and clean fresh water daily.


3.       If you buy a 8 week old puppy is there going to be someone home through out the day to feed it 3 -4 feeds a day (remember it is a baby and needs proper feeding to grow correct.) maybe you might be better giving an older Bull Terrier a good home. Breeders often want to place healthy adults in pet homes to live their life in luxury after they are finished being shown and bred from.


4.      Have you decided what sex of Bull Terrier you want ?.
 Male Bull Terriers do not like other male dogs no matter what breed they are.  
 So if you have a male dog a reputable breeder should not sell you a male.


5.      Have you decide what colour Bull Terrier you want.

White Bull Terriers just love to sun bake, and are prone to skin cancer, so they need to be kept out of the summer sun through out the day.


A few questions you should be asking the breeder:


1.         Have you asked what Hereditary Diseases Bull Terrier suffer with, and if the breeder test all his/her breeding stock before breeding a litter.


2.       How long has the breeder been breeding Bull Terriers?


3.      Does the breeder show and breed Bull Terriers OR just breed (usually it's for profit only).


4.        Does the breeder sell their pups at 8 weeks or before, (8weeks is the earliest a puppy is allowed to leave home by law).


5.       Are the breeders’ puppies & adults in clean conditions?

a.         Are all pups wormed regularly?

b.         Pups should have their first vaccination at 6 weeks, ( and not before)

c.         All pups should be micro chipped.

d.         Pups should be hearing tested (BAER Tested) after 6 weeks of age and have a certificate to show the results.


6.       A reputable breeder has to be registered with the Canine Control Council Qld.


7.        Are the puppies going to be registered with the CCCQ?  A registered breeder must register all live puppies.


8.       Are the puppy/puppies going to be registered on the “Mains Register” or on the “Limited Register”?


9.      The “Main Register” is when you buy a puppy you are entitled to do what you like with that puppy or adult weather it be breeding or showing. (No strings attached)


10.   The “Limited Register” means you cannot show or breed from that puppy at any time. Or the breeder has put terms on that pup which you are obligated to abide by. Make sure you understand what it means to buy a puppy that is on the “Limited Register”.


11.     A reputable breeder should give you all the information you need to grow a happy and healthy Bull Terrier.  Eg: Diet chart, Vaccination Card, Microchip number, Hearing Test Certificate and Registration Certificate. And ongoing support when you need it.


12.   There are never any guarantees when buying live stock. Do a bit of home work beforehand, ask the questions and you shouldn’t go wrong.


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