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Merry Xmas 2019
2 peas in pod
Angel in disguise
Waiting patiently
Pommy judge, watch where you point.

Going boating.
Odd one out.
Spot our second mum.
Half the crew.
Mud pack
Is this how we are surposed to be shown.
I,m in deep doo doo.
I can see it all from here.
Hear No Evil
See No Evil
Speak No Evil
Super Pup
I have ears, why do they want to give me more.
Old boys club.
John Puffett
15.3.1943 - 20.4.2010
R.I.P. John
Gone but never forgotten.
Cant see it under here.!
Us girls stick together
Two's company & more's a crowd.
Chelsea & Floyd
Christmas joy.
Young Love.
Club Secretary OR Super Model (You be the judge)
Judge John Young UK, took it all off at the recent
Qld shows.(Hot Hot Hot)
I can do without my friends
I can do without my dinner
But I cant do without my teddy.
Members at the 2013 Trophy Dinner
Christine & Emma
Trophy Show 2013
Vinny & Adell
The Poms & the Ozzies going out on the town. DELIVERANCE!!


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